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Dog Massage

Dance of Healing offers massage for your dog, as well as Reiki! Deana will come to your home for sessions for your dog.
What can massage do for your dog?
*help relieve pain and inflammation
*help improve immune function
*help increase circulation in muscles and joints, good for senior  dogs
*help improve flexibility, which can decrease injuries
*help promote relaxation, and can help relieve anxiety

Deana is a certified canine massage therapist, trained at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. She has also studied with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure. She has been offering dog massage for 10 years. She is also a Reiki master, and offers Reiki for dogs, (and Reiki for cats, as well-see the testimonial below).
*Massage and Reiki are not intended to replace veterinary care. Deana does not diagnose or treat medical conditions in your animal companion.

 Here, Deana massages a dog in Prague, Czech Republic, around 2003.

Here is a Reiki testimonial for a cat client! *Note- I do not have training in feline massage, so I only provide Reiki for your kitty companions.

"Deana came to our home and practiced Reiki on Bastet, our cat who was suffering from liver cancer. Bastet had not eaten in 24 hours, or moved from her spot. Within an hour after receiving Reiki from Deana, she got up, ate, and wanted to go out into the back yard with me. We sat together on the grass and she seemed much more at peace and ease. Her pain was greatly reduced to the point where I was amazed at the difference. I was so impressed with Deana and her Reiki, it inspired me to begin Reiki training myself. Deana is a powerful healer with a beautiful soul. She is an inspiration and a wonderful healer to animals and humans alike!" M.T. Raleigh, NC.